Monday, February 18, 2008

Young Guard

Well here is one of the latest editions of the perry brothers Napoleonic 1815 Range, these pics are just some the figures from "FN85 Young Guard Voltigeurs/Tirailleurs Command Standing/Sitting at Ease". I've also include a general de division standing at the end of the line, which is from "FN52 Staff and Generals Dismounted."
These two are the regiment's 1st battalion's officer and standard bearer, as you can see I've painted them as the "1st Regiment of the Young Guard's- 1st Voltigeurs".
Here we have a drummer sitting on his drum tapping away a tune along with his fellow musician, a fifer who has his musket sitting across his lap, the musket comes seperate but I've decided to put it on his lap to change the monatanay of having every soldier with their musket simple beside them.
These are the last two gents at the end of my line up. This first guy slumped over seems quite disturbed, or he simply could just be very tired, either way I rested his musket up against him beside his hand because I felt he just doesn't feel safe without it within reach.
This is a General de Division from "FN52 Staff and Genarals Dismounted", he is shown reading his orders from headquarters.

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