Monday, February 18, 2008

The 12TH Cuirassieurs

In this shot I have the beginning of the 12th Regiment of Cuirassieurs. This is going to be the front line. They are a combination of four different figure ranges. As you can see they are depicted as a regiment standing at ease awaiting orders.
The guy on the left is from "FN69 Cuirassieurs Command Galloping ( Officer,Trumpeter,and NCO)" as you can see from the sergent stripe on his left arm he is the NCO of the group. His partner on the base is from "FN67 Cuirassieurs on Standing Horses in Reserve, at Ease", here is shown leaning on his saddle watching the battle unfold before him.
These two guys are the officer and trumpeter of the regiment from "FN66 Cuirassieurs Command on Standing Horses in Reserve,at Ease". The trumpeter is shown gving orders to the NCO, pointing to where he's supposed to take his reconnasince group, or as I like to see it. The officer is just eyeing the field planning his charge accordingly.
The cuirassieur fixing his helmet is from "FN68 Cuirassieurs on Standing Horses in Reserve,at Ease/2". His partner is the flag bearer from "FN66".
Here is a pic of the regiment from the side and rear.

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