Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Charge of the 7TH Cuirassieurs

My almost finished regiment, just one base, only two guys left to paint, and the 7th Regiment of Cuirassieurs will be done. I've decided to show the 7th charging into battle.
I was tired of all the same old pic shots of the figures facing front, so I decided to change the way I take these pics.
With some scenery thrown in I think the pics came out quite nicely.
A side view of the 7th, these cuirassieurs are shown charging between two rock facings.
Finally the break down of all the figures in this regiment. There are three ranges that these guys are from, the first is from "FN59 Cuirassieurs Command Charging", the second is "FN60 Cuirassieurs Charging", and finally the third is from "FN61 Cuirassieurs Charging Swords Raised".

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