Tuesday, February 19, 2008

2nd Big Contest

Well here we are again, another contest for a free book giveaway, as you can see from the picture this book is titled "The Napoleonic Soldier" and it's written by Stephen Maughan of the " www.napoleonic-archive.com " web-site. If you are a wargamer then there is no need to tell you who Stephen Maughan, for he is a legend among the wargaming community with his Napoleonic wargame scenerio booklets as well as countless of depictions showing off his wonderful miniatures in numerous of wargame magazines. Anyway he has once again been gracious enough to donate another one of his books for this absolutly free giveaway. The book shows live re-enactors in their Napoleonic uniforms, and all you have to do to win this book is send me an e-mail telling me what kind of soldiers are shown below, here's a hint, they are all from a cavalry regiment. The first five people to correctly send me an e-mail with all the right answers will be put in a hat and then one will be drawn out and declared the winner. Odds are one in five for this fabulous book, not bad for any contest if you ask me, thanks and Good Luck.
Note this book is also personally autographed by the author himself Stephen Maughan.

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joep said...

Hi Mark;
I loved your blog for two main reasons.
First, I am just getting into Napoleonics and your site will be a good source of painting info.
Second; I just started my own blog at MrJoesWorld@blogspot.com and am using the same template.
Must be a wargamer thing:-)
I'm trying to figure out how to post a picture and comments like you have,then another pic and more comments, so your site is a source of more inspiration.
Good luck with your site and your gaming.
Joe Parvana
aka Joep123 on TMP or Mr Joe on Google.