Friday, March 7, 2008

2nd Big Contest Winner

Well as a big Congratulations is in order for David M. Ensteness who was the winner of the 2nd free giveaway contest. David was one of over seven hundred eager contestants who put in his answer, and as fate would have it, his name was the lucky entry pulled out of the finalists, he guessed correctly by naming the three photos as a trumpeter from the Grenadiers a Cheval, a Cuirassieur, and finally a general dressed in the uniform of the 4TH Hussar's. His prize is a spetacular book called "The Napoleonic Soldier" by Stephen Maughan from the " " fame. Steve was gracecous enough to donate his book so I could give it away to some lucky fella/gal. I can't say enough about the generous nature of this gentleman, he's also informed me of some more books he's going to donate so I can put some more free give-aways on my blog. So if you get a chance take a look at his web-site and help him out like he has done for us. The book David won is a great re-creators look at life in the napoleonic era with extra attention to detail of those magnificant uniforms that we all have come to love. Anyway, once again Congratulations is in order for David and keep the faith by supporting your local napoleonic dealer.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

2nd Big Contest

Well here we are again, another contest for a free book giveaway, as you can see from the picture this book is titled "The Napoleonic Soldier" and it's written by Stephen Maughan of the " " web-site. If you are a wargamer then there is no need to tell you who Stephen Maughan, for he is a legend among the wargaming community with his Napoleonic wargame scenerio booklets as well as countless of depictions showing off his wonderful miniatures in numerous of wargame magazines. Anyway he has once again been gracious enough to donate another one of his books for this absolutly free giveaway. The book shows live re-enactors in their Napoleonic uniforms, and all you have to do to win this book is send me an e-mail telling me what kind of soldiers are shown below, here's a hint, they are all from a cavalry regiment. The first five people to correctly send me an e-mail with all the right answers will be put in a hat and then one will be drawn out and declared the winner. Odds are one in five for this fabulous book, not bad for any contest if you ask me, thanks and Good Luck.
Note this book is also personally autographed by the author himself Stephen Maughan.

The Charge of the 7TH Cuirassieurs

My almost finished regiment, just one base, only two guys left to paint, and the 7th Regiment of Cuirassieurs will be done. I've decided to show the 7th charging into battle.
I was tired of all the same old pic shots of the figures facing front, so I decided to change the way I take these pics.
With some scenery thrown in I think the pics came out quite nicely.
A side view of the 7th, these cuirassieurs are shown charging between two rock facings.
Finally the break down of all the figures in this regiment. There are three ranges that these guys are from, the first is from "FN59 Cuirassieurs Command Charging", the second is "FN60 Cuirassieurs Charging", and finally the third is from "FN61 Cuirassieurs Charging Swords Raised".

Monday, February 18, 2008

My 1st Commission

Well here it is, my first commiosion for a friend of mine. This friend who's name is Terry just happens to also own , his friends as well as himself have decide to play the "General de Brigade" rule set, so he's decided to build a Dutch/Belgian army as his contribution. These guys are from the perry brothers Dutch/Belgian Line, they belong to "DB1 Prince William of Orange and Staff".
This guy is the Prince's aid de camp and fellow Dutch general.
Here is the Prince himself depicted in his famous pose painted from the Battle of Waterloo.

The 12TH Cuirassieurs

In this shot I have the beginning of the 12th Regiment of Cuirassieurs. This is going to be the front line. They are a combination of four different figure ranges. As you can see they are depicted as a regiment standing at ease awaiting orders.
The guy on the left is from "FN69 Cuirassieurs Command Galloping ( Officer,Trumpeter,and NCO)" as you can see from the sergent stripe on his left arm he is the NCO of the group. His partner on the base is from "FN67 Cuirassieurs on Standing Horses in Reserve, at Ease", here is shown leaning on his saddle watching the battle unfold before him.
These two guys are the officer and trumpeter of the regiment from "FN66 Cuirassieurs Command on Standing Horses in Reserve,at Ease". The trumpeter is shown gving orders to the NCO, pointing to where he's supposed to take his reconnasince group, or as I like to see it. The officer is just eyeing the field planning his charge accordingly.
The cuirassieur fixing his helmet is from "FN68 Cuirassieurs on Standing Horses in Reserve,at Ease/2". His partner is the flag bearer from "FN66".
Here is a pic of the regiment from the side and rear.

Young Guard

Well here is one of the latest editions of the perry brothers Napoleonic 1815 Range, these pics are just some the figures from "FN85 Young Guard Voltigeurs/Tirailleurs Command Standing/Sitting at Ease". I've also include a general de division standing at the end of the line, which is from "FN52 Staff and Generals Dismounted."
These two are the regiment's 1st battalion's officer and standard bearer, as you can see I've painted them as the "1st Regiment of the Young Guard's- 1st Voltigeurs".
Here we have a drummer sitting on his drum tapping away a tune along with his fellow musician, a fifer who has his musket sitting across his lap, the musket comes seperate but I've decided to put it on his lap to change the monatanay of having every soldier with their musket simple beside them.
These are the last two gents at the end of my line up. This first guy slumped over seems quite disturbed, or he simply could just be very tired, either way I rested his musket up against him beside his hand because I felt he just doesn't feel safe without it within reach.
This is a General de Division from "FN52 Staff and Genarals Dismounted", he is shown reading his orders from headquarters.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

contest winner

After much deliberation I've come up with a winner, I'd just like to thank all the people who took the time and effort to visit and enter the contest. I hope you keep on checking out my blog and matbe tell some of your friends, well enough of the shameless plugging, time to announce the winner. The winner is John Leahy from Ohio, congratulations. His e-mail was very warming to know how their are people out there that still and try to teach the children about the wonderful things in life that are out there for them and not simply giving then a video game to get them out of their hair. A very heartwarming e-mail. Just to let you know, there was a very honourable mention e-mail, a gentleman named Mark who is an avid Napoleonic Nut just like myself, it was very difficult not to give him the prize, the only deciding factor being of the slightest of margins, excellent work Mark and keep up the good work. Well once again thanks to everyone for entering and visiting my blog and an especial thank you to Stephen Maughan of Napoleonic Archive fame for giving me the permission so I could use his name and product for my contest, and for all you out there if you are undecided on whether to buy some of his products, don't hesitate they are all worth it, you won't be dissappointed, so a hardy good buy for now and have a Merry Christmas, Mark.